'Officially retokada': Vlogger gets real about nose job


Posted at Jan 25 2022 04:41 PM

MANILA -- A Filipino vlogger has gone viral for being honest about getting a nose job, to the point of sharing in detail her journey to her viewers.

Mika Salamanca took to Twitter to reveal to her 3.4 million followers that she is "officially retokada," sharing a photo after her rhinoplasty procedure.

Salamanca went on to release a vlog in her YouTube channel, which boasts of 4.39 million subscribers, giving a glimpse of her transformation.

In the video titled "Rhinoplasty journey Pt. 1," she got real about the whole process, showing even her struggles in post-surgery care at home.

"Kung makikita niyo 'yung mata ko, sobrang namamaga na siya. Second day pa lang, namamaga na siya. That's totally normal," she said. "Tomorrow, mas titindi pa siya."

"Sabi nila mas masakit daw 'yung tenga kaysa sa ilong, pero hindi. Wala akong nararamdaman na pain at all sa tenga. Sa ilong, discomfort and parang may nakadagan... sobrang bigat sa ilong ko," she added. 

Salamanca said she is excited to see the results of her rhinoplasty once she is fully recovered. 

"'Yung final result makikita pa six months up to one year. Ganoon katagal 'yung complete healing process niya... Kaya tiis-ganda talaga," she said, adding that she will soon share tips and answer questions related to her nose job.