Maureen Wroblewitz says viral video not meant to single out anyone


Posted at Jan 24 2023 01:11 PM

MANILA - Model and beauty queen Maureen Wroblewitz turned to social media to clarify that she did not mean to single out anyone in her recent viral video.

Posting a video on TikTok once again, the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 first runner-up said the point of her video was not to throw shade at anyone, but to focus on all things that she has learned from her past relationship. 

"As I've said in the caption, I have lost a big part of myself and I am only now starting to realize who I am and what I want," she said.

"In my past, I have sacrificed my beliefs and my values and I did things that I didn't like. I enabled behaviors that I didn't like. I became someone who I dislike. That was because I was so focused on pleasing my partner that I forgot about myself," she added.

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Without mentioning names, Wroblewitz said she and her former boyfriend were both "very young" when they got into the relationship. 

"I don’t regret those years. From that experience, I have learned so many things. I have found out a lot of things about myself, things that I want for my next relationship," she said.

And while she still cries over "past trauma," Wroblewitz said she would rather focus on her own healing, as well as the lessons she has learned. 

"I am working on myself every single day. I always want to have a positive outlook on my life," she said. 

"With every bad thing that happens in our life, I know there's always a lesson to be learned. That’s what I want to focus on," she ended.

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