Gretchen Ho has this reminder for those who are in isolation due to COVID-19


Posted at Jan 21 2022 05:13 PM

Photo from Gretchen Ho's Instagram account
Photo from Gretchen Ho's Instagram account

“Relax.. Don’t worry. God’s got you! You are not alone.”

These were the words athlete-host Gretchen Ho wrote on a whiteboard which have guided her everyday while in isolation due to exposure to COVID-19.

Ho took to Instagram to share comforting words to everyone who, just like her, are left inside a room alone for several days as part of the quarantine protocols imposed amid the ongoing pandemic.

According to the former volleyball player, she was scared when she started isolating but she found an encouraging message from a friend which she kept on reading every morning while alone in her room.

“On the first day, since I was scared of being alone, I took out my white board where I normally write tasks for the day.. and just wrote down this message I got from a friend…’Relax.. Don’t worry. God’s got you! You are not alone,’” she said in the caption.


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Ho revealed that the message helped her smile and brought a sense of comfort despite the anxiety of being in isolation. 

“Every morning I would wake up to this message, it would be the first thing I’d see, and the words did not only bring me comfort, but also a smile on my face. I felt the Lord’s reassuring presence,” the athlete continued. 

She said she is treating her current situation as a “silent retreat” and slow down. 

“I decided to take this time alone for quality silence and prayer.. for slowing down time a little.. for being more in the moment.. and learning new things around here in my home. It’s weird because I feel like I’ve enjoyed so much, I lost track of time already,” Ho said.

Ho hopes that her words of encouragement will also help others reading her post and find the same peace she has while isolating.

“I’m grateful for the guidance on how to spend this time, and for the peace that surrounded me. So for those who are in quarantine right now and feeling a bit lonely.. maybe my white board can help remind you a bit,” she said.