New eats: Chef Ed Bugia serves smashed burgers at Mimi & Bros

Jeeves de Veyra

Posted at Jan 20 2021 01:38 PM

New eats: Chef Ed Bugia serves smashed burgers at Mimi & Bros 1
Jeeves de Veyra

Chef and self-confessed sandwich engineer Ed Bugia has an obsession with the smashed burger. 

Ever since Burger Project, one of his first concepts, Bugia has been experimenting with making his perfect version. 

And he finally did it with his smashed burger at Mimi & Bros. It may seem simple -- but on first bite, it becomes apparent a lot of thought has gone into building the burger.

"A smashed burger is a burger where you literally smash the patty onto the griddle. You want to have different textures," explained Bugia. 

He goes on to say that the patties are usually thinner and cooked a little more in contrast to the thicker medium rare burgers that are popular these days. 

Since the patties are thinner, the burger has double patties to add heft. As a result, the sandwich doesn't collapse in your hand.

Flavor-wise, Bugia balances the umami of the beef with melted cheese, onions, and pickles, making for a tasty meal.

While the best way to enjoy his smashed burger is fresh from the griddle served right at the restaurant, Mimi & Bros' smashed burger is available for takeout and delivery.

Mimi & Bros is located at Crossroads, 32nd St., Taguig, Metro Manila. For inquiries and orders, contact (0945) 798-5176 on Viber or visit their Facebook Page.