WATCH: Matteo Guidicelli unboxes his PlayStation 5


Posted at Jan 13 2021 01:10 PM

Screengrab from YouTube

MANILA -- After getting flak last year for his first unboxing video, Matteo Guidicelli is back, this time with the highly coveted PlayStation 5.

On Wednesday, the actor released a vlog showing him with Sony's next-generation video game console, which has been sold out in the Philippines and other parts of the globe.

"Kuya, it's expensive," someone can be heard telling Guidicelli in the background, seemingly aware of his PS4 Pro unboxing mess back in June.

To which he replied: "Sige, ako bahala."

After putting on his "sexy shades," Guidicelli proceeded with his unboxing of the PS5, which was thrown at him by someone not shown on camera.

"Ooh, what a catch," he said, before slamming the console on the table.

Seemingly poking fun at gamers who criticized him for his viral video last year, Guidicelli placed his mic on top of the box before peeling it off.

"ASMR ba tawag doon?" he asked.

Guidicelli then took out the other contents of the box, such as the instruction manual and the power supply cable, and placed them on the grass.

He then asked why the PS5 only came with one controller, unaware that it has always been the case for Sony's video game consoles. The actor's PS4 Pro, which was given to him by Sony last year, was given as a bundle containing an extra controller and some games.

Guidicelli ended his video by pulling the paper wrapped around the PS5, causing the console to get slammed on the table.

"Sa mga nagko-complain diyan, by the way this table is shock absorbent, so the PS5 does not feel any shock," he claimed. 

Toward the end, he tried to use the stand that came with the PS5, but failed.

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Comedian Michael V, considered one of the more respected collectors by the local geek community, could not help but leave a comment on Guidicelli's latest vlog.

"Umm... never mind," said Michael V, who earlier invited the actor to do a PS5 unboxing video. 

Other netizens, meanwhile, pointed out that the viral PS4 Pro video was more "natural," and Guidicelli seemed to have ripped apart the PS5 box "on purpose."

"Naka-get over na ako sa PS4 unboxing niya, he is just teasing now with his PS5," one of them said. 

"He's doing it on purpose. Don't you get it, guys? He needs your attention," another said.

Aligned with the global trend, preorders for the PS5 in the Philippines were filled in within minutes last year.

The PS5 is priced at P27,990 for the disc edition -- the one owned by Guidicelli -- and P23,990 for the digital edition.

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