Feng shui expert shares face reading basics


Posted at Jan 13 2017 07:22 AM

One of the illustrations provided by feng shui expert Kevin Foong during the face reading segment of his seminar in Manila. ABS-CBN News

MANILA – A feng shui expert is giving you a reason to not get rid of your double chin.

Singapore-based Kevin Foong said a double chin is considered lucky in the Chinese art of face reading, saying it indicates a “good lifestyle” by the time one reaches the age of 50.

He made the statement as some women tend to undergo surgery to have a pointy chin. “Ladies with a very sharp chin are very pretty, but after 50 years old, you will suffer. You will be a loner. If you’re married, your marriage will not last,” he warned, noting that a pointy chin is deemed unlucky in face reading. 

Foong, who held a day-long seminar on astrology and feng shui in Manila last Monday, went on to share some face reading basics for those who want to know more about their personality and future prospects.

Here are some of them:

* A widow’s peak means your relationship with your parents can sometimes be challenging because you want more freedom.

* People with shorter foreheads tend to be more impatient, while those with broader foreheads are usually more tolerant.

* A strong jawline indicates a strong personality, while a weak jawline may mean that a person is very easily influenced.

* Some face shapes and what they may mean: round is caring and emotional; oblong is practical and methodical; square is intelligent and decisive; triangular is creative and has a fiery temper.

* Naturally thin eyebrows usually mean a person lacks self-confidence, while very bushy ones suggest a strong personality and high sex drive. A unibrow is said to be reflective of a person’s tendency to be possessive and introverted.

* An eagle nose with three curves shows a cunning personality.

* People with thin lips are typically non-sentimental and practical, while those with thick, full lips tend to be sensitive and caring.