This feng shui expert says 'lucky' charms don't work


Posted at Jan 10 2017 01:34 PM

This feng shui expert says 'lucky' charms don't work 1
Singapore-based Kevin Foong held an astrology and feng shui seminar in Manila on Monday, February 9. ABS-CBN News

MANILA – In a surprising twist, a Singapore-based feng shui expert contradicted what many of his fellow practitioners have been promoting and selling – “lucky” charms and amulets.

During his day-long seminar on astrology and feng shui at Resorts World Manila on Monday, Kevin Foong said the so-called lucky items are only there to “make you feel better.”

“I bought tons of these many, many years ago,” he told the participants at the seminar. “These are just items. While these represent prosperity, they just make you feel better.”

“Don’t expect your life to change [with these],” he added, “Because you’ll just be disappointed.”

Foong, who has his own feng shui academy, explained that the Chinese philosophical system is all about “the energy flow outside and inside your home or office environment.”

“Anywhere that has four walls and a roof is a container of energy,” said Foong, one of the feng shui experts tapped during the construction of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. “You only need good feng shui in the location you spend most time in.”

Here are some of Foong’s general feng shui tips on harnessing energy at home or in the office.

These, he said, do not require any specific “lucky” charm or amulet.

* A mirror should not be right in front of your bed as this reflects energy back to you and you might get sick.

* A mirror should not be right in front of your bedroom door as it is also not auspicious.

* The stove and the sink represent the fire and water elements, respectively. Don’t put these side by side or in front of each other as the two elements will clash and may affect the health of people living in your home. They should be at least 30 centimeters apart.

* Do not put a fish tank at the center of your house. If you have no other place for it, just remove it.

* Stairs should not be facing the main door as this will cause the energy at home to go up and down. This may lead to an increase in expenses.

* Your home or office should be at least 100 meters away from a cemetery or church to maintain a balance of energy. Cemeteries and churches have a lot of yang energy, which can create an imbalance.

Foong also shared some feng shui tips to avoid negative energy at home or in the office in the coming Year of the Fire Rooster.

He stressed that these should only be done starting February 4, 2017 as this is the time when the new energy will be activated.

* If your home or office is sitting on the east, west or south, avoid renovations. It will trigger the wrong energy.

* The wealth star will be in the east, so move your tables to that direction and do your contracts there to increase cash flow.

* The romance and education star will be in the northeast, so shift your bed to that direction to amplify your chances of getting attached.

* If you have a bed or working desk in the southern part of your home or office, remove it as this is where the misfortune star will be located.

* The violence star will be in the southwest. If the main door is here, install a CCTV or hire security to avoid getting robbed or attacked at home or in the office.