Can you stay positive for the entire 2017?


Posted at Jan 01 2017 10:29 PM

Many people heralded the new year with bright smiles, and it is possible to keep that positive outlook for the entire year if only you put your mind to it.

"You can be positive kung gusto mo talaga. Kahit na maraming negative na umaaligid, ay kaya naman iyun by saying na 'hindi mo naman kayang ayusin lahat ng mga ito'," Dr. Bernadette Arcena, psychiatrist at St. Luke's Medical Center, said in an interview on "Salamat Dok".

She added that to keep that positivity, you should also try to know your limits, and though you can have ambitions, you have to map them out. 

You also have to give love around, she said.

"Tell people that you love them. Ikalat mo iyun, yung positive vibes mo, kasi that can help. Kahit may negatibo, gawin mo siyang positibo," she said.

"Forgive, and siguro hope and pray na makayanan mo lahat kasi pag sa umpisa pa lang ng taon, iyun na ang gusto mong mangyari, that would create a lot of positivism sa sarili mo," she added.

Though it sounds unrealistic, Arcena maintained that it is possible especially if you tell yourself that you deserve to be happy after the trials and obstacles you have triumphed over. 

She noted, keeping a positive outlook in life lessens your stress, giving you a radiant glow and making you healthy.

"Ang buhay mismo is a positive thing. Learn to live with it. Kung anumang negatibo ang nangyari sa buhay mo, brush it aside and tell yourself you are beautiful and everyday is a new day for you," said Arcena.

Meanwhile, although most adults can already generate for themselves the will to stay positive, Arcena recommends that they also be responsible when dealing with kids so that they younger ones may also have a positive outlook in life.

She said parents must support their kids in honing their skills and talents, adding that they should never call the children "stupid" or any other similar terms because "that can actually put the child down." 

She added, parents should never physically hurt their children, especially by slapping them on the face because "that can lower the self-esteem of the child."

Arcena asserted that if the children possess and enhance positive values from homes, they may be shielded from the negative influences from the outside, helping them differentiate wrong from right.