The Duterte Promises #5 1

The Duterte Promises #5
The Duterte Promises #5 3


The Duterte Promises #5 4

President Duterte will ask Congress to grant him sweeping authority to solve traffic congestion in the capital that has deteriorated into a crisis. Jonathan  Cellona, ABC-CBN News

  • Solve traffic in Metro Manila and other urban areas through reliable mass transportation—trains and a rapid bus system 

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  • Improve airports, seaports, train stations, and bus terminals

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  • Create growth centers across the country in order to generate more jobs in the countryside and curb urban migration
  • Revisit volume-reduction programs that haven’t worked for 20 years now
  • Provide affordable and reliable mass transport to encourage urban dwellers to use their cars less. Effectively use Pasig, Marikina and their embankments for mass transport.
  • Build regional rail systems
  • Decongest cities by providing countryside opportunities in the long term

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  • Legislate the National Land Use Program that has been languishing in Congress in the last 30 years, to be the basis for regional and local zoning laws 


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