WATCH: Duterte curses in front of businessmen


MANILA – Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was his usual self when he faced businessmen on Wednesday, as he vowed to crush criminality which he says is hampering economic growth.

Talking about the evils of illegal drug use, Duterte said before a luncheon organized by the Makati Business Club that he would have no mercy to people involved in the illegal drugs business.

''Drugs have been pervasive. Noon sa urban lang ang problema, napunta na sila sa bukid and the rural areas. They sell shabu to the children of the farmers. At kung di makabayad, they would demand or threaten them [and get] the carabaos, mga kambing, mga manok, pati itlog,'' Duterte said.

''Now if you do that to my country, kung gawin mo yan sa bayan, maski di ako presidente, t*****a mo papatayin talaga kita. I will kill you. Do not destroy this country, because this is my native land."

Duterte has often been criticized for his unorthodox ways of dealing with pressing problems such as criminality.

The mayor, who is now leading the pre-election surveys, has promised to solve criminality in the country in 3 to 6 months, something his detractors say is impossible to achieve.

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During the luncheon, Duterte again brought up his plan of doubling the salaries of policemen and soldiers. He said doing this would prompt the country's law enforcers to work harder and not be lured into doing illegal activities.