Duterte vows end to streetside drinking sessions


Presidential race frontrunner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday said he will outlaw street-side drinking sessions in case he becomes president.

Speaking at a luncheon organized by the Makati Business Club, Duterte said drinking on the streets has to stop.

''Iyang nag-iinom sa daan, that will, tapos iyan. Iyang mga nag-iinom sa daan daan, p****g i*a wag kang magpapakita, sasagasaan kita. It has to stop. There has to be a sense of order, good order for this country,'' he said.

Duterte has made a name for himself for his iron-fist governance in Davao City, employing unorthodox ways in instilling discipline among his constituents and going after criminals.

Much of Duterte's campaign team has been centered on crushing criminality and fighting corruption.

One of the mayor's most controversial promises is to eradicate criminality in 3 to 6 months, something his detractors have said is impossible to achieve.

During the luncheon, Duterte said he will order the police and military to spare no mercy on illegal drug dealers who will refuse to yield to authorities.

''Iyung mga drug lords, sabihin ko talaga sa military and police: 'Go out and hunt them, arrest them.' If they refuse and offer a violent resistance, I will personally order you to kill them,''' he said.