Does Grace Poe have a 'dark side'?


She is far from being perfect, presidential aspirant Senator Grace Poe said of herself during a business forum on Wednesday.

Speaking before the the Makati Business Club (MBC) and the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP), Poe was asked if she has a "dark side" behind her calm demeanor.

"As a public figure, you have to maintain a certain demeanor, you also have a responsibility to the public. But, of course, I am not perfect, I have a lot of flaws... I've never thrown a cellphone, a shoe or a laptop at anyone. I think I have this calmness in me because I know that the truth is on my side," she said.

Poe admitted that she was "bothered" by the various accusations hurled against her, but she did not let these stop her from running for the presidency.

"I've been called so many things in this journey towards the campaign. They called me an alcoholic. They said that I used a fake social security number while I lived in the US. They also said that I beat up my employees and so many hurtful things. But I know it's not true," Poe said.

-- ANC, March 16, 2016