Duterte: Don't call me for favors, promotions


DAVAO - Presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte on Monday warned officials and lawmakers not to call him up asking for favors and promotions.

In a press briefing, Duterte said a special committee is already screening individuals who may be assigned to key posts in government when he steps in as president.

He said his staff will be publishing the names of these applicants who are applying for posts including positions in government-owned and -controlled corporations (GOCCs).

He also warned applicants "not to ask for endorsements from senators, congressmen or governors."

"If there are attached endorsements to your application, it will automatically be rejected. Just give me your résumé and we will do the investigation if you are fit for the job," he said.

He also said he hates it when government officials call him to ask for favors when it comes to appointments.

He added the same will be done in the police and military wherein all reassignments and promotions will be based on merit.

"If you want a new assignment, do not come to me...I hate yang tawagan. Ayaw ko yan kasi in all probability, hindi ka qualified," he said.

"Do not come to me for assignment, there is the Board of Generals which I ordered last night to be reactivated," he said.

He added that he will not overrule any recommendation by the Board of Generals unless there are allegations of corruption that went with it.

ABS-CBN News, May 16, 2016