Halalan 2016 Overseas Voting

#Vote4aSelfieWorthyPH Campaign
Making the Voice of the
Overseas Filipino Voter Matter

A Message from the Filipino Channel (TFC)

Halalan 2016 Overseas Voting 2

Our homeland, the Philippines, is on the cusp of change as our nation prepares to elect its new leaders in the 2016 National Elections. A significant part of this electorate are the over 1.3 million registered Filipino overseas voters and their strong family networks in the Philippines, all of whom have the power to make a difference at this point of our history.

We at The Filipino Channel (TFC), together with our Parent Company, ABS-CBN Corporation, in partnership with the Philippine Commission On Elections (COMELEC) and the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) have joined hands to reach out to qualified Filipino voters to generate awareness and provide accurate news and information on the elections, the candidates, the issues and the process. Our goal is to equip our countrymen abroad with knowledge to exercise their duty and right to vote -- and most importantly, to vote wisely.

Part of our campaign is the creation of this website, Halalan 2016, as a one-stop shop for election information. We also wanted to make sure that the issues are not only defined by the candidates, but also pointed out and articulated by Filipino overseas voters. This is why we launched #Vote4aSelfieWorthyPH Campaign, a platform to empower our voters abroad to take and post selfie photos and videos of what they want our next leaders to change in the Philippines. We invite you to actively participate in this campaign and make sure our candidates hear and listen. Most importantly, to make sure that they act and address your issues.

To our overseas Filipino voters: this is very much your elections as those who are in the homeland. We all want to have a better present and future for the Philippines. But it starts with us doing our part.

The overseas election period will be from April 9 to May 9, 2016. Make your voice and choice matter. Make you vote count.

Maraming salamat at mabuhay tayong lahat!

Raffy L. Lopez
ABS-CBN Global Ltd.
Co-Founder, The Filipino Channel (TFC)

A Partnership To Get Overseas Filipino Voters Involved

Halalan 2016 Overseas Voting 3
Kapit-bisig. From left to right: TFC, Department of Foreign Affairs Overseas Voting Secretariat (OVS) and COMELEC Office of the Overseas Voting (OFOV) officers join hands for a partnership to get overseas Filipino Voters Involved. In the photo are COMELEC’s Commissioner Arthur Lim; James Jimenez and Maria Juana Valeza; DFA OVS’ Usec Rafael Seguis and Vice Chairperson Edgardo Castro; and ABS-CBN Global Ltd.’s Edgar Legaspi, Lawrence Reyes & Allie dela Cruz Benedicto
Halalan 2016 Overseas Voting 4
MOA signing. From left to right: Earlier in 2015, DFA – OVS Vice Chairperson Edgardo Castro, Chairperson Undersecretary Rafael Seguis, and ABS-CBN Global Ltd.’s Ailene Averion, Allie dela Cruz Benedicto and Lawrence Reyes entered into an agreement to engage overseas Filipinos to exercise their right to vote even when they are outside the homeland. Standing as witness is COMELEC OFOV’s Bella Ranes.

Take A Selfie...

SPEAK OUT! Make your voice heard.

a. Take a Selfie or Groufie from the homeland.
b. Tell us how the Philippines can still improve or why you are voting in the coming elections.
c. If you use the hashtag #Vote4ASelfieWorthyPH, your post will be published below.

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