Sara Duterte on dad: He's a lawyer with street thug manners


MANILA - The daughter of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has come to his defense following the flak he received over his repeated use of curse words in a recent speech.

On her Instagram account, Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio responded to a netizen's comment that it was "inappropriate" for her father, who is running for president in the 2016 elections, to publicly show himself flirting with other women and tell "how much he likes to kill."

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The netizen also claimed that accidentally cursing Pope Francis could ruin the mayor's ratings.

Sara should advise her father to at least protect his image, the netizen added.

"Angas lang at arogante ng dating! If this is his strategy, well sorry it is not working!" the post read.

"I was really rooting for him, but now questioning if he's suited for the presidency! I'm now worried for him everytime he opens his mouth to public!"

Sara responded to Instagram users @faejumawan and @bellb900 by saying she understands their sentiments but that her father is intelligent enough for the presidency.

Sara admitted though that Duterte does not have the finesse of a princess and instead has the manners of a "street thug."

"I perfectly understand where you are coming from. I apologize for his behavior," she said in a post Tuesday.

"Rest assured he is intelligent enough for the highest public office, unfortunately, he doesn't have the finesse of Lady Diana. In essence, he is a lawyer with the manners of a street thug."

Duterte, for his part, has said it was never his intention to disrespect Pope Francis when he blurted out a curse word over the traffic gridlocks during the Catholic leader's visit last January.

The mayor nonetheless said he understands the reactions of many who were not pleased with his statement.

"It was never intended to be directed to the person of His Holiness Pope Francis, who has his utmost respect. It was out of exasperation at the inutility of the functionaries in government not only during that historic visit of Pope Francis but at the daily sufferings of all citizens in Metro Manila up to this moment."

"Mayor Rody also fully understands the reactions of many who, at the very least, are displeased and disappointed at this unfortunate and regrettable incident," his statement read.