Duterte warns outlaws: 'I can eat your heart in front of you'

Jamaine Punzalan, ABS-CBNnews.com

MANILA - Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Monday spared no detail in describing what he does to those who violate the law in his turf.

In a speech after the PDP-Laban launched his tandem with Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, Duterte said he has no qualms in retaliating an eye for eye.

"Lahat tayo we have a dark side, we have good deeds. But do not ever think that you can monopolize evil in this country. Kung anong kaya mong gawin, kaya ko ring gawin 10 times over," he said.

"Kung kaya mong kainin iyang tao sa harap mo, I can slash open your body and eat you heart in front of you. Kapital ko lang asin, kakainin ko sikmura mo."

Duterte also admitted that his constituents know how he deals with lawbreakers.

"Sa Davao, ang atake sa akin e pumapatay ng tao. Totoo iyan. Wala tayong problema diyan. Mga taga-Davao alam nila iyan," he said.

Duterte said that three months into his term as a neophyte mayor in Davao, he executed a group of men who kidnapped a Chinese girl.

He said the men brought their hostage to a neighboring province where they repeatedly raped her before going back to Davao.

The aspiring president narrated: "Kumain pa ang mga gunggong doon sa bahay, nagpaluto. Pagbaba nila, tinapos ko talaga lahat. Tinapos ko talaga, sabi ko ito ang killing na maganda. Porma pa ako parang Fernando Poe."

"Tapos kinarga ko sila doon sa kotse nila. Binuksan ko ang tangke, sinunog ko to show my brutality."

He also said he particularly abhors illegal drugs and shared what he does to those involved in its trade.

"Sabi ko, do not go to Davao, you will die. Iyung iba pumunta talaga roon, they died... Noong andoon na sila, sprawled there, sabi ko itugtog ninyo ang Mona Lisa, iyan ang theme song ng mga animal na ito. 'Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa, and you die there and you die there,'" he said.

Duterte promised to continue fighting criminality and mold the country in the image of Davao City.

"Kaya sabi ko to everybody, to the criminals and the bad elements, and to those who continue to oppress the Filipino people. Hindi ako nagpapa-hero. Wala akong talent, wala akong lahat. Pero I will not allow you to continue sa pagpahirap sa Pilipinas. Crime has to stop. Mainit ako sa droga because we have lost the privilege of using our streets in all of the Philippines," he said.

"Ask your beautiful wife, your beautiful daughter to walk the streets of Davao City until the wee hours of the morning. If they go home unmolested, undisturbed, walang nagdukot sa katawan then that is the standard for all of the women here."

Duterte said he is unfazed with the opposition coming from human rights advocates.

"Sinong maglibing sa akin kung maging gunggong iyang anak? Who will run this country? If it (illegal drugs) has widespread use, what will happen to the Republic of the Philippines? Iyan ang tandaan ng mga human rights [advocates]," he said.

"I was once a young lawyer. I was once an idealist. Pero tingnan mo naman, isa-isa, kriminal, lima, anim, pito, ipagpagpalagay mo ng 5,000. It's why everyone of us, your daughter and sons, are potential victims.... Outcry? Public outcry? Sige, solohin ninyo, umiyak kayong lahat. Pakialam ko?"


Duterte said he will continue to push for a change to a federal form of government, which he said is the only way to achieve peace in the south.

"Nothing short of a federal structure will give Mindanao peace. You believe me because I come from that place. I'm a mayor for 22 years. I've seen enough bloodshed to last me a lifetime," he said.

He added that the draft Basic Bangsamoro Law (BBL) has been watered down and cannot solve problems in Mindanao.

The aspiring president also stressed that Mindanao should be granted a voice in the national government.

"To the Moro people, listen to me, our destiny in Mindanao is not decided by us. All the laws were designed and crafted here in Manila. If there is a failure of the talks, why do we have to go war in Mindanao? Bakit tayo magpatayan na ang BBL is nasa Congress. Before you pull the trigger, mag-usap tayo. Hindi natin gusto ito... Ang namamatay iyung mga anak natin," he said.

Duterte added that the rest of the country will benefit from federalism's codified economic laws which will encourage business investment.

The mayor also promised to cut bureaucracy and taxes, and speed up proceedings for government projects.

Duterte filed his certificate of candidacy (COC) for president on Friday shortly after withdrawing his COC for mayor in Davao City.

The mayor has substituted erstwhile PDP-Laban standard bearer Martin DiƱo to carry the party's banner in 2016.

Duterte substitution faces hurdles: lawyer

The Commission on Elections has yet to approve the substitution and determine if Duterte will already be included in the list of presidential candidates for the 2016 elections.