'Bongbong for president is Imelda's dream'

By Christina Mendez, The Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines - Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said yesterday it is the dream of his mother, former first lady and now Ilocos Rep. Imelda Marcos, for him to become president.

“Of course, that’s her dream. If she could nominate me for the position of pope, she would,” he said.

Marcos was reacting to a question on his presidential ambition as talks between the Liberal Party and other political parties brewed on who would be their top contender in the 2016 elections.

He, however, clarified that for now, he has no plan to run for president.

“I do not wake up in the morning thinking about it, and I do not go back to sleep at night thinking about it. There is so much to be done now,” Marcos said.

“My mother generally thinks in political terms because that has been her life,” he said, adding that one cannot prevent a loving mother from pursuing her aspirations for her son.

Marcos said he shares his mother’s dream for him to become president, “in the sense that I’d like even to do more.”

“I have seen the presidency from the different side more than the other people have… people only see the grandeur of it and the power wielded by the president. I wish I could do that, but I have also seen the other side of it, and I have a more balanced idea,” Marcos said.

He said anybody can be president, but not everybody can be a good president.

“There is no use being a president if you are not going to be a good one. It’s very hard.”

Marcos recalled that he has been hearing about his mother’s “dream” since he was three years old.

“She has been dreaming that since I was born... The first time I heard it, I was three years old... It’s not a question of pagbibigyan mo or what. I mean, you know, who can predict the future?” he said.

Marcos said he is thankful for people supporting him in his political career.

The only son and namesake of former President Ferdinand Marcos admitted that he and his relatives in public service have always run to the former first lady for political guidance and advice.