VP Binay on PNoy SONA: Wow na wow


MANILA –Vice President Jejomar Binay is not affected by the potshots supposedly aimed at him by President Benigno Aquino III during the latter's final State of the Nation Address (SONA).

In an interview at the opening of the Security Congress APAC 2015 at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, CCP Complex, Binay told reporters to wait for his own True State of the Nation Address that will answer Aquino's statements.

He also said he did not feel alluded to when the President alluded to someone who said "gaganda ang buhay" if he becomes president.

"Merong isang bahagi doon palagay ko hindi naman ako pinatutungkulan 'nun. Kasi ang pagkakasabi meron diyan nagsasalita na giginhawa ang bayan pero ang salita lage ay basta, basta. Wow na wow naman 'yun!" Binay said.

Atty. Rico Quicho, Binay's spokesperson for political affairs, also said the vice-president did not feel that he was alluded to by the president when the latter cited a presidential aspirant who has so far failed to present concrete plans for the country.

''The Vice President does not feel alluded to because he has solidly delivered the social and economic programs that uplifted the lives of the people he has served as Makati mayor and continue to serve as Vice President,'' Quicho said.

''From the start, the Vice President has articulated that the Makati experience is his template for a caring and competent government, the opposite of the manhid at palpak government that we have today."

Quicho said the vice-president's camp was no longer surprised that the president took a swipe at him during his last SONA. Binay was present at the Batasan Pambansa yesterday to listen to the president, and he has vowed to come up with his own version of SONA.

"It is a small price to pay for showing the people the "palpak at manhid" governance of the administration that further marginalized the poor," Quicho said.

''In his True SONA, Vice President Jejomar Binay will remove the gloss and tell the plain truth as experienced every day by ordinary Filipinos.''


In his final SONA, President Aquino took a swipe at a critic who routinely slams his administration for supposedly being slow at solving problems.

''Mabagal daw tayo. Kapag sila raw ang naging Pangulo, sigurado, gaganda ang buhay. Sa mga medyo may edad po, ang isasagot dito, “Ah, ganun?” sabay taas ng kilay. Para naman sa kabataan, iba na raw po ang tugon nila sa ganoong pahayag, iba na daw po ang uso ngayon eh: E di wow,'' he said.

''Ang tanong natin: Paano nila gagawin ang mga pangakong iyan? Ang sagot nila: Basta. Nasaan ang detalye at kongkretong mga plano? Basta. Paano ninyo ipatutupad ang inyong mga pangako? Basta. Pakiramdam yata nila nadadaan sa basta-basta ang solusyon sa ating mga problema."

The president mentioned a litany of his administration's accomplishments yesterday, but this did not prevent his critics from noting the controversial issues that he omitted from his speech.

Aquino likewise urged the Congress to finally pass the Anti-Dynasty Bill, a proposed measure opposed by Binay, whose three children are holding elective posts.

Quicho said Aquino ''glossed over pressing matters which his government failed to accomplish."

He said this includes attaining justice for the slain 44 policemen in Mamasapano, distribution of Hacienda Luisita to farmer beneficiaries, alleged corruption in some government departments, agencies and bureaus, the use of Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) funds, alleged selective justice and politicization of the Ombudsman and the judiciary, and alleged abuse of legislative authority.

''The SONA exhibited hubris and lack of appreciation for people in government who genuinely served despite the air of partisanship created by a vindictive and callous government,'' Quicho said.