#VPLeni: Last man standing is a woman

Neima Chowdhury

MANILA -- Supporters of incoming Vice-President Leni Robredo took to Twitter Friday night to celebrate her stunning victory over Senator Ferdinand Marcos.

The hashtag "#VPLeni" landed on top of the trending topics list after the canvassing of votes in Congress ended.

In the official, final tally, Robredo garnered 14,418,817 votes. Marcos placed second with 14,155,344 votes.

Leni's daughters Tricia and Aika tweeted with the said hashtag along with a birthday greeting for their father, the late former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo.

Aika said her mother's victory is a gift from their father.

Robredo's win coincided with the birthday of her late husband.

Her supporters mentioned Robredo's closing statement during the vice-presidential debate: "The last man standing is a woman."

Netizens also described Robredo's win as history repeating itself, saying that another widow in yellow defeated a Marcos.