It's Digong by landslide, Leni by hairline

RG Cruz, ABS-CBN News

MANILA (1st UPDATE) The race is officially over and it's 'Digong' by a landslide and 'Leni' by a hairline.

Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Maria Leonor Robredo topped their respective races for President and Vice-President in the 2016 national elections, based on the final tally of votes by Congress sitting as the National Board of Canvassers.

Duterte, now all but proclaimed as the president-elect, had a lead of 6,623,822 over his closest rival, Mar Roxas. Grace Poe was in third place, followed by Jejomar Binay, Miriam Defensor Santiago, and Roy Seneres.

The final, official tally of votes for President, based on all 167 certificates of canvass (COCs), are:

Duterte - 16,601,997
Roxas - 9,978,175
Poe - 9,100,991
Binay - 5,416,140
Defensor Santiago - 1,455,532
Seneres 25,779

Robredo ran neck and neck with Marcos in the vice-presidential race.

The son of the former dictator enjoyed a lead of much as close to 3 million votes before Robredo caught up.

She finished the race with a lead of 263,473 over Marcos.

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano placed third, followed by senators Chiz Escudero, Antonio Trillanes, and Gregorio Honasan.

The final, official tally of votes for Vice-President, based on all 167 COCs, are:

Robredo - 14,418,817
Marcos - 14,155,344
Cayetano - 5,903,379
Escudero - 4,931,962
Trillanes - 868,501
Honasan - 788,881

Congress sitting as the National Board of Canvassers will now submit its committee report to the plenary of the joint public session.

The joint session, scheduled to reconvene next week, is expected to approve the committee report and issue the resolution of proclamation.

Only then will Duterte and Robredo officially get the titles of President-elect and Vice-President-elect until they assume office on the noon of June 30, along with all other winners of the May 2016 elections.

Duterte will become the country's 16th President -- the 3rd mayor to assume the office after Emilio Aguinaldo and Joseph Estrada.

Apart from becoming the 14th vice-president, Robredo will also become the country's second female vice-president after Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

The joint committee wrapped up tallying after just 3 session days that began Wednesday. It accomplished 45 COCs on day 1 and 68 COCs on day 2. All 167 COCS were admitted.

Robredo, widow of the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, ran an uphill climb to the vice-presidency after she initially lagged behind all the other candidates.


It's Digong by landslide, Leni by hairline 1

Political analyst Richard Heydarian, a professor at De La Salle University, believes that Marcos had a lot to lose in the election because it would have been a vindication for his family if he won.

"BBM [Bongbong Marcos] may have lost the best, if not last chance for the Marcoses to return to power," Heydarian said. "A victory at the vice-presidential race would have set them for a comeback to Malacanang, serving as a kind of vindication for their fall from grace during EDSA Revolution. Generally, a defeat in the VP race doesn't bode well for future political plans, especially the highest office."

"This elections was particularly favorable for BBM because the zeitgeist of grievance politics meant significant protest vote (against the post-Marcos elite) in his favor," he added.

Heydarian believes Marcos' political future would be uncertain without an Aquino in power. "It would be more difficult because it was his image as an alternative to the Aquinos that mobilized a lot of support. But coming this close to VP and given the Marcoses' enormous resources, he can launch another campaign by 2022?"

He said Robredo and Marcos can have a rematch. "If Leni runs in 2022, BBM can launch a campaign claiming he wants to redress his supposedly 'unjust' defeat, since clearly he isn't accepting anything but victory now."

Heydarian also thinks it is not the end of the road yet for Poe and Roxas. "I think Grace too can make a comeback, more experienced and accomplished down the road. But the magic factor will be diminished. Mar can also make a comeback, especially if things go south under Duterte. He can also run for the Senate in 2019, become leader of opposition, then launch a third-time lucky bid for presidency in 2022."

But even that has risks, since the elections have yielded surprising results. Haydarian said, "Duterte's stunning victory shows we may very well get another phenomenal political outsider shaking up the electoral landscape in coming years and elections."