Duterte: No jail for cops who kill dope peddlers


MANILA - Presumptive President and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday maintained that he will not allow lawmen to go to jail for killing criminals who sell illegal drugs.

Duterte said this in reaction to reports that four drug suspects were killed in a shootout with policemen in Davao City Tuesday.

Known for his zero-tolerance attitude on narcotics, Duterte told reporters that he will call for an investigation if the suspects were tagged in anything else but the narcotics trade.

However, since the suspects were allegedly involved in drugs, Dutetre said he will not allow the police officers to serve prison time.

"Anong kasalanan? Kasi kapag iba ang kasalanan, paimbestigahan natin. Drugs? E di I'm sorry," he said. "I will not allow the policemen to go to jail for that."

"I should go to jail for that kasi ako iyung..." he added, leaving his sentence hanging.

Duterte, longtime mayor of Davao City, has vowed to kill thousands of criminals and dump their bodies in Manila Bay if elected president.

He earlier said he want s armed militiamen instead of just regular barangay tanods to go after these drug offenders.

Duterte to take drugs war down to barangay level

During Thursday's press conference, Duterte reiterated that when he assumes office as President, he will protect soldiers and policemen from criminal charges for killing suspected outlaws.

"When I become the President, I will go to jail. I will not allow the Army and the police to go inside the prison, for what? Utos ng Presidente, hindi n'yo sundin," he said.

He also shrugged off concerns that his harsh stance on criminality may violate the rights of suspects. "Ano ba tayo dito -- are you here to protect public interest, public health, public safety or are we here to protect iyung human rights?"