How incoming PSG chief will secure Duterte


DAVAO CITY - He's the man who will be in charge of presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte's security.

Col. Rolando Bautista, commander of the Joint Task Force Basilan, said it is an honor and privilege to be considered for the position of Presidential Security Group commander by the presumptive president.

Speaking to reporters, Bautista said there are existing protocols and procedures on securing the president. "Of course, there will be additions, improvements and innovations depending on the desire of the president," he said.

Bautista said he has already conducted meetings regarding the transition of the security procedures for the incoming president.

Asked about potential security risks after Duterte said he will be spending a lot of time in Davao, Bautista said the PSG has plans for such contingencies.

"Yung sinasabi natin na security nightmare, we have prepared counter actions. Definitely, all of these security arrangements will [depend] on the desire of the presumptive president," he said.

Bautista said heading the PSG is a major challenge as well an opportunity. "When I was assigned in Basilan, super challenge yun. Pero sabi ko nga mas maganda yung may challenge para ma-train ka and at the same time part of preparations in case you will be occupying higher positions katulad nito," he said.