Marcos wants VP last to be proclaimed


MANILA - Vice presidential candidate Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. on Monday called for the immediate proclamation of presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte while urging that the proclamation for the vice president position be on hold.

As his camp continues to question the partial and unofficial results of the vice presidential race, Marcos expressed reservations in the canvassing of votes.

"I humbly but firmly reiterate, my strong reservations in the canvassing of the results of the Vice-Presidential elections, on the basis of electoral irregularities on the two fronts that I mentioned. I raise all these for the millions of Filipinos who voted for me and all the other voters whose votes were "lost" and remain uncounted," Marcos said in a privilege speech at the Senate.

Marcos is second to Liberal Party bet Leni Robredo in the vice presidential race. He had cried fraud, saying the changes performed by Smartmatic's Marlon Garcia on the night of May 9, is questionable, considering that Garcia has previously been charged with electoral sabotage in 2013.

But while the senator is having doubts on the results of the vice-presidential race, he believes Duterte won the presidential race, as he called for the Davao mayor's immediate proclamation being the "clear and uncontested winner."

"As all other Presidential candidates have conceded and no questions surround the votes he has received, I propose the immediate proclamation of our presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte, being the clear and uncontested winner in the presidential elections. Again, I offer him my sincere congratulations and my hand in partnership for the future. Mr. President, the Philippines now looks to you for your leadership and vision!" Marcos said.

He also congratulated 12 newly-proclaimed senators while he lauded his presidential candidate, Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.


Marcos reiterated that a change in hash code may have compromised polls.

"It was after this particular act of computer programming wizardry that votes for this representation started to slow down and the votes for another candidate started to accelerate -- at an unprecedented and linear rate of 45,000 votes for every additional 1 percent of votes counted. This is the very same Marlon Garcia who was charged with electoral sabotage for doing the very same thing during the 2013 elections," Marcos said.

"What are the chances that this computer programming change can be linked to the odd pattern that emerged during the PPCRV quick-count?" Marcos added.

Marcos, likewise, lamented how the commissioners of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) have yet to acknowledge his request that I.T. experts from his camp be allowed to examine the Comelec servers.

"Last week, I formally wrote to Comelec and personally asked them to allow my IT experts to examine their servers. I made sure each and every Commissioner was given a copy of my request. Not one of them has replied to my request. Unlike FPJ, it has not even been "noted"."

For Marcos, reports of vote-buying and other forms of election fraud prove that candidates are now "waging the battle on two fronts."

"All these reports give us a clear sense of how the terrain of our electoral process has evolved since automation. Now, it is clear that we are waging the battle on two fronts: on the ground level; and in the field of computer science and programming."

He also called on Comelec to accomplish its constitutional mandates of ensuring honest and credible elections.

"We should not accept on mere blind faith the representations of the contractor and reflected data on their machines. The burden of proof should be upon them, and Comelec as well, that the integrity of the system was not compromised. Comelec should not allow that "the secrecy of the ballot be turned into the secrecy of the vote count," Marcos said.

The Marcos camp has earlier asked the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to explain the alleged irregularities in the quick count of the vice-presidential race.

Marcos' legal team member Francesca Huang told reporters that they received information that a new script or computer command was introduced to the Comelec transparency server. She believes this development now casts doubt over the credibility of the counting.

Comelec, on the other hand, claims that the change in the "script" is only "cosmetic" and did not affect the transmission of results.


Marcos called on all Filipinos to be vigilant, and to protect the sanctity of their votes.

"Today, amidst controversy, cross-accusation, and confusion, our nation needs more eternal vigilance. We need leaders who are less interested in promoting their own interest, and their own party, and more interested in leaving behind the enduring example of free and fair elections."

"Again, this is not about one candidate against another, or one family versus another, or one party versus another. This is not about a foreign technology vendor scandal. This is about eternal vigilance," Marcos said.