Duterte urged: Tap wisdom of crowds on federalism


A political analyst on Monday encouraged presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte to get the public's input should he push for a shift to a federal system of government.

Political science professor Aries Arugay of the University of the Philippines said an active public referendum would allow government to tailor-fit federalism for the country's needs.

Arugay said this will lend credibility and legitimacy to any constitutional amendment seeking federalism.

He urged the next administration to spearhead discussions and debates that will educate the public on this type of government.

Duterte, who is poised to be proclaimed the country's next president, has been vocal in his belief that federalism can help end the fighting in parts of Mindanao.

Under a federal form of government, each state has its own discretion in managing its economy, natural resources, and law.

The country's current unitary form of government mandates provinces to remit their income in the National Treasury. The national government also distributes and allocates the budget for each province.

The form of government may be changed through constitutional amendment.

The Constitution may be amended through a Constitutional Convention, similar to when delegates from every congressional district revised the 1973 Constitution; or by Congress itself through a constituent assembly.      

- DZMM TeleRadyo, 16 April 2016

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