Trillanes on Duterte's victory: The people have spoken


MANILA - Senator and vice presidential candidate Antonio Trillanes IV on Monday acknowledged the outcome of the 2016 general elections wherein presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte is poised to be officially proclaimed as the victor.

Trillanes, in a statement, said the people have spoken and want Duterte as the next president of the country.

"I respect the will of the Filipino people. They have spoken clearly and resoundingly that they want Mayor Duterte to be our next President," the senator said.

Trillanes said he will not prevent the reforms that Duterte wants to implement in the government.

"I assure the Mayor and our countrymen that I will not be a hindrance to the reform initiatives he intends to push in our government," the statement added.

The vice-presidential candidate also said he will continue to perform his duties as a senator.

"Having said that, I will continue with my advocacies as a legislator in our system of checks and balances. May God bless our country," Trillanes said in statement.

Trillanes earlier claimed that Duterte had hundreds of millions of pesos hidden in bank accounts. He challenged Duterte to bare his accounts by executing a bank secrecy waiver. - report with Henry Atuelan, ABS-CBN News

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