Duterte lawyer to Trillanes: Sure, we'll sue


The legal counsel of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said the presidential frontrunner's camp will indulge Senator Antonio Trillanes on his challenge to slap him with libel charges.

"We will accommodate him. He wants that? We will give him the pleasure," Atty. Salvador Panelo said on Headstart.

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The senator earlier accused the mayor of having more than P200 million in deposits in his account opened in the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Julia Vargas branch in 2014.

Panelo also belied Trillanes' that Duterte failed to issue a waiver to open his bank account during their meeting on Monday.

Panelo said the Special Power of Attorney (SPA) that he brought with him was equivalent to a waiver.

"The moment the person protected by the law appoints a person, another person, to open [his account], then he is waiving the right, the protection given by the law," he said.

Aside from the SPA, Panelo said he also carried with him that day a BPI waiver form signed by Duterte that allows the opening of an account.

"I/We hereby authorize the bank to disclose whatever information relative to my/our deposit account by virtue of the certification issued upon my request," it read.

"I release the bank, its director, employees or agents from whatever liability that may arise from such disclosure," it followed.

Trillanes, Panelo said, asked for a copy of both documents from him and the bank. The bank refused as it was already submitted to them and is, in effect, already confidential.

For his part, Panelo said he was to give the only other copy to the media and told Trillanes to ask for a copy from them; but, he said the senator was too lazy to have the copy released to the media photocopied.

"Eh ang tamad mo kasi eh. Kung kumuha ka ba naman sa media edi meron kang kopya," he said.

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