Duterte camp believes in 'irreversible win'


With only five days before election day, the camp of presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte already believes that an "irreversible win" is at hand.

"He has a date with destiny and an appointment with history. There is no way by which the irreversible trend of a landslide win can be stopped," said lawyer Salvador Panelo.

Panelo believes Duterte's good survey standing is due to the mayor's "authenticity" and messaging that resonates with people, despite various controversies that hounded his campaign.

"Duterte is an authentic person. He’s a genuine person, and what he says reflect what an ordinary people feel and wants to say and wants to curse against the government, against criminality, against drugs, against everything that is illegal, everything that is bad," he said on Headstart on Wednesday.

"They find themselves in him. And he becomes the political messiah that everyone is looking for. Yun ang nangyayari kay Duterte," he added.

Panelo believes that not even recent accusations of non-declaration of millions of funds can stop Duterte from attaining victory, saying that the allegations of non-declaration is "another false accusation."

"Wala namang nagsasabing hindi nya dineclare. Whatever amount he has there at a particular taxable income year, dineclare nya yun," he said.

Trillanes earlier accused Duterte of having P211-million in his joint account with his daughter Sara in the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), opened in the Julia Vargas, and had bank transactions amounting to P2.407 billion from 2006 to 2015.

But Sara sought to clear her name, saying she and her husband have their own sources of income as they are both lawyers. She added that there was no intent to hide their properties.

Panelo said other members of the Duterte family also have their respective sources of income.

"Si Duterte naman, ordinaryong mayor lamang. So kailangan mo rin ng extra income. And yung nanay ng kanyang anak, may mga negosyo," he said.

Through the many controversies thrown at Duterte, Panelo remains focused on disproving Trillanes' claims.

"If Trillanes is lying in this transaction, these documents, then he will be lying in all," he said.