Trillanes blasts Duterte for setting conditions for bank waiver

David Dizon, ABS-CBN News

Why sign a bank waiver in March and not sign now? This is Senator Antonio Trillanes IV's challenge to Davao City Mayor and presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte after the mayor said he will not sign a bank waiver unless Trillanes reveals his informants on Duterte's alleged multi-million peso accounts.

Speaking to radio DZMM, Trillanes accused the Duterte camp of trying to buy time after a spokesman of the PDP-Laban said Duterte would only sign a bank waiver if Trillanes reveals his sources about the alleged P2.4 billion in transactions in Duterte's accounts.

"Yung ganyang palusot, misdirection yan. Simple lang. Pumirma ka ng waiver. Nanghamon siya ng Marso na pumirma lahat ng presidential candidates ng waiver para transparent. Ngayon na meron ng akusasyon sa kanya, hindi na siya pipirma?" he said.

"Diyan niyo makikita kung sino talaga ang natatakot at may tinatago."

Duterte accounts had P2.4-B in transactions: Trillanes

Trillanes earlier said BPI Julia Vargas rejected the bank waiver signed by Duterte last March since it was a "general waiver" not addressed specifically to the bank. "Pakitang-tao lang. Propaganda," he said.

A PDP Laban spokesman confirmed the bank waiver was only addressed to the central bank and not BPI.

The senator pointed out Duterte's own spokesman, Peter LaviƱa, lied after he claimed in a TV interview that Duterte had no bank account in BPI Julia Vargas.

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Duterte would later confirm that he had an account in BPI Julia Vargas, but denied it contained over P200 million as alleged by Trillanes.

TIMELINE: Duterte camp denies, admits BPI account

"Yung spokesman, nagsasabi hindi daw totoo. Inexistent daw...Yun pala sinungaling. Nung nagkabistuhan na, may nagdeposit, lumabas umamin si Mayor Duterte, Ngayon, may mga drama na naman. They are buying time para umabot sila ng election. I will not give them that," Trillanes said.

The senator's accusation of Duterte's multimillion-peso accounts comes less than two weeks before the May 9 presidential poll.

Duterte, who is currently leading in several pre-election surveys, has come under fire for various issues including cursing the pope and having a hand in alleged extrajudicial killings in Davao City.

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Last December, he admitted in a radio interview that he killed three kidnappers who raped a hostage in Davao City in 1988.

Duterte confirms killing 3 rapist-kidnappers


Trillanes earlier said he will resign from the Senate, quit the vice-presidential race and face charges if it is proven that he lied about the multi-billion peso transactions in Duterte's bank accounts.

He said he could face both libel charges as well as possible violation of the bank secrecy law for his accusation.

Before Trillanes's challenge, a spokeswoman of PDP-Laban said Duterte is willing to sign a bank waiver and open his bank accounts if the senator executes an affidavit attesting to all his claims and exposing his informants.

"Pumayag na po si Mayor but he is saying lahat po ng statements ni Senator Trillanes should be in an affidavit so we can be sure that it is true. Under the law, you must execute an affidavit, swear to it and sign," Atty. Paola Alvarez, spokesperson of PDP-Laban, said.

"Saan mo yan nakuha? Sino ang source mo at bubuksan ko ang aking bank account."

Alvarez denied that Duterte has a BPI Julia Vargas account that has over P200 million.

She also cited reports that there were attempts to hack the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas website.

"Paano tayo makakasiguro po na ang nangyari sa Pilipinas ay hindi sila sila rin ang gumagawa?" she noted.

Trillanes, however, rejected Duterte's demands. "Yung hinihingi niyo, mga drama yan."

He pointed out that Duterte is using the same tactic as Vice President Jejomar Binay when the latter was accused of pocketing millions of pesos in kickbacks from construction projects in Makati.

An Ombudsman investigation later showed there is probable cause that Binay had a hand in the allegedly anomalous bidding and construction of the P2.28 billion-Makati City Hall Building II.

Ombudsman indicts VP Binay, son for graft

"Wag tayo paandaran ng mga legal obstacles and technicalities. Ginawa na ni Vice-President Binay yan, hindi umubra," Trillanes said.

He also said he will not "fall into the trap" of exposing his own informants after they revealed the alleged Duterte accounts.

Alvarez said Trillanes should not be afraid to follow the imprimatur of the law by executing an affidavit so he could be held legally accountable for his statements.

She also said there was no harm in revealing Trillanes' informants.

"We will not do anything with his source...No harm will come to them. What we are saying the multimillion peso account does not exist. There is no P200 million account," she said.

She added: "There is no prosecution now but persecution. You are going after our head using unverified information."