Pro-Duterte Aiza Seguerra urges 'respect' in poll discourse

Thea Alberto-Masakayan, ABS-CBN News

PANGASINAN - Musician-actress Aiza Seguerra called on the public to be "respectful" amid heated political discussions, especially on social media.

"I think we can all talk about our differences in a very respectful way. No need to say bad things, or call each other names," Seguerra told reporters Sunday, during the presidential debates at the University of Pangasinan.

Seguerra, who has been vocal in supporting the candidacy of Rodrigo Duterte, said he feels empowered in campaigning for the Davao City mayor.

"We are empowered. I've never seen so much support. It inspires us. I feel so much because kakampi namin siya," he added, emphasizing that the endorsement is free.

Seguerra added he is still betting on Duterte, despite the presidential bet's recent rape statement that drew flak.

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"Kaming supporters we know that Mayor is not perfect, and so are the other candidates," he said.

He said it's also time to look past the candidate's sometimes uncouth demeanor.

"Kita niyo naman kung paano siya pinupukol ng tao, the universe has its own way of fighting that and kaming mga supporters really believe in him, in the goodness of his heart," he added.

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