Duterte's final word: Stop and obey the law

David Dizon, ABS-CBN News

What will a Rodrigo Duterte presidency look like?

For the third and final PiliPinas debate, the tough-talking mayor and presidential frontrunner again laid out his platforms of government if elected - an all-out war against drugs and crime, elimination of corruption and a return to obeying the law.

In his closing statement during the debate, Duterte described himself as an ordinary citizen without the credentials of a summa cum laude.

"I was not even an honor [student] during my time. Tamang-tama lang ho. Awa naman ng Diyos sa amin. We were just migrants to Mindanao," he told the audience.

He pointed out that he will suppress the drug problem to a minimum, if not eliminate it altogether. He said the drug menace has reached even farmlands, with some farmers selling their livestock in exchange for narcotics.

He also addressed accusations that he has committed extrajudicial killings in his city.

"Sabi nila mamamatay-tao ako? Baka talaga. Hinihingi ko lang, stop and I will fix government. Corruption must stop. If I am into the presidency for two weeks tapos walang maniwala sa akin at walang susunod, even if you give me ten years, I will not be able to do it," he said.

To the people in government, Duterte gave one message: stop and obey the law.

He also gave a warning to airport personnel being linked to alleged "tanim bala" cases at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

"Yung tanim bala, talagang hintuan niyo yan unless you are ready to swallow the bullet. I will make you do it. Kung hindi niyo alam yan, pumunta kayo ng Davao. Marami nang coin sa central bank na kinakain sa mga t*** di maniwala," he said.

To civilians, Duterte said he will pray that the nation will be enlightened by the grace of God so that people can choose a leader.

"Bahala kayo kung sino, the one who can make it happen," he said.

He pointed out that as mayor, he has always followed up his word with action "even at the expense of honor or the prestige or the presidency."

"Wala akong pakialam basta ako may trabaho at gagawin ko," he said.

"If it is in the interest of the nation, I will do it."