#DuRiam2016: What Duterte asked Miriam

Jojo Malig, ABS-CBN News

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was the perfect gentleman against Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago during the face-off round of the final leg of the PiliPinas Debates held in Pangasinan on Sunday.

"It is an insult to everyone's intellect to ask such a learned being. Ang tanong ko ma'am, how are you today?" Duterte said.

"I am on a secret pill," the senator answered.

Santiago, who missed the Visayas leg of the debates, battled lung cancer.

The senator earlier said that she has conquered the illness.

"I am okay now. I am taking a still unnamed cancer pill," she said. "I have been honest with the Filipino people in matters of my health."

She added that she was the "subject of black propaganda" regarding her health.

"I have already returned to normal," said Santiago, whose voice was visibly uneven during the debate.

She was also stopping midway while answering some questions.