Duterte 'seldom feels guilt, sorry' - psych report

Henry Omaga-Diaz, ABS-CBN News

Sara Duterte says report doesn't say her father is unfit for presidency

MANILA - A psychological assessment of Davao City Mayor and presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte more than 15 years ago shows he has an "Antisocial Narcissistic Personality Disorder" or extreme self-conceit. The assessment became the basis for the civil annulment of his marriage to first wife Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Because of this personality disorder, the report said Duterte tends to humiliate other people or violate their rights.

An analysis of his personality, conducted in the year 2000, also showed that the mayor has difficulty controlling his emotions.

He was also described as impulsive and because of this, he usually does not consider the implications of his acts.

Analyzing Duterte's personality further, psychologist Natividad Dayan, who conducted the examinations on Duterte and Zimmerman, also concluded that Duterte seldom feels guilt or sorry, and always rationalizes his actions.

"For all his wrongdoings, he tends to rationalize and feel justified. Hence, he seldom feels a sense if guilt or remorse," the assessment said.

Dayan refused to comment on the court documents but confirmed that she made the assessment.

Duterte also refused to talk about it.

He said the psychological assessment is "between me and Elizabeth."

But his daughter, Inday Sara, defended her father, saying that nowhere in the court documents does it say that Duterte is not fit to lead.

"It doesn't really reflect kung ano siya as a public servant, kung ano siya as a politician, kung ano siya as a government official. Iyun iyung mga private na mga nangyari sa buhay nilang mag-asawa. [Ang] Final decision ng korte is 14, 15 years ago so ang tagal na non. Wala nang bad blood between my father and mother," she said.

Dayan, meanwhile, emphasized, that psychological incapacity of either partner is the usual justification for the nullification of marriage.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News last week, Zimmerman, who is undergoing treatment for cancer, said she now has good relations with Duterte.

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She expects a “down-to-earth yet kindhearted” presidency if Duterte wins the 2016 race.

“What sets him apart from the other candidates is he has that sincerity. When it comes to work, he works hard and he can do it. He is down-to-earth and practical. And kind-hearted,” he told ABS-CBN News. - with ANC; David Dizon, ABS-CBN News