WATCH: Marcos claims he's not corrupt, gets booed


Senator Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. was booed for a second time by audience members of the #PiliPinas Debates at the University of Santo Tomas while detailing his plans to combat corruption on Sunday.

At the second round of the debate, Marcos said that anti-corruption drives should be fair and target administration and opposition members alike.

Marcos was just easing into how he did not amass any ill-gotten wealth during his many years in public service when jeers erupted from the audience.

"Sa 27-taong aking paninilbihan, maipagmamalaki ko po na wala tayong bahid ng korapsyon. Itong record po na ito ay ipagpaptuloy ko..." he said as boos erupted.

"... bilang inyong pangalawang Pangulo," he ended as the jeers hushed.

The senator was first heckled during his opening statement when several audience members shouted "Never again," in reference to the martial law rule of his father.

"Bongbong heckled at VP debate"

Marcos and his family is accused of pocketing billions of pesos from public coffers during Martial Law.