Bongbong heckled at VP debate


MANILA - Vice presidential bet and senator Bongbong Marcos was heckled while delivering his opening statement at the #PiliPinas2016 Vice Presidential Debates Sunday afternoon at the University of Santo Tomas.

As Marcos was about to deliver his opening statement, several anti-Marcos members in the crowd screamed "Never again to Martial Law," in reference to the martial law rule of the vice presidential bet's father.

Marcos is the son and namesake of deposed dictator Ferdinad Marcos.

Debate moderator Pinky Webb reminded members of the audience that heckling is not allowed in the venue.

"We have already stated earlier... that hecklers are not allowed in this venue and they will be escorted out of the venue," Webb said as she addresses the audience.

In response, pro-Marcos groups shouted "BBM," Marcos' initials, in an attempt to drown out the heckling.

Security officials escorted the hecklers out of the venue.

Earlier, anti-Marcos protesters staged a rally outside the debate venue.