LOOK: Brian Poe, Bongbong's son call each other 'pinsan'


MANILA – The son of presidential candidate Grace Poe and the son of vice-presidential bet Bongbong Marcos have a funny way of addressing rumors about their respective parents.

It seems that Brian Poe and Sandro Marcos are on good terms, referring to each other as “pinsan” (cousin) even if they are not related by blood.

The two had a friendly Twitter exchange over the weekend, with both Brian and Sandro wishing their families good luck during the elections.

“Hey buddy, just wanted to wish you and your mom the best of luck on Monday. Hope to see you soon, pinsan! Hahaha,” Sandro wrote.

To which Brian replied: “Haha! Hey pinsan, thank you! I wish you guys all the best as well! Let’s pray for a clean fight! It’s up to the people now.”

It can be recalled that Grace, who was adopted by actress Susan Roces and the late action star Fernando Poe. Jr., was rumored to be the illegitimate daughter of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

In an interview in 2015, Bongbong said his mother, Imelda, merely laughed at the speculations.

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Jeff Ortega, who comes from the Ortega political family in La Union, joined in the conversation and wished “the best of luck” to the families of Brian and Sandro.

“Wishing both of your families the best of luck!” he wrote in a post, tagging the accounts of Brian and Sandro.

Brian replied: “Hey, best of luck to your family as well! See you soon, bro.”

Sandro, for his part, said: “Thanks, gov! Hope to see you soon. Stop hiding naman once in a while haha.”

Ortega is currently in a relationship with actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith, who was courted by Brian last year.

Curtis-Smith, however, said she would rather be friends with the young Poe.