Wanted: 'God-centered leaders for 2016'

Jay Ruiz, ABS-CBN News

MANILA - What kind of candidates are religious groups looking to endorse?

Leaders and members of various Christian organizations and movements from the Catholic Church, evangelical and Protestant churches came together in unity to launch the Pilipino Movement for Transformational Leadership (PMTL) this morning at the Club Filipino in Greenhills.

The group came together to provide a means for their members to be guided into electing candidates who will lead the country towards national transformation with the aim of electing into office God-centered, competent servant leaders.

Atty. Alex Lacson, one of the convenors, said the selection process will involve a people's primary among faith-based groups and organizations in the country based on an agreed criteria or the "Gabay Kristo sa tamang pagpili ng kandidato o lider."

Members will be given a pamphlet where one can rate a candidate based on 4 criteria: character, ability, loyalty to God and people, and honesty in leadership.

A national convention of all PMTL member organizations will be held on October 5-6 where the top 10 recommendees would be invited to speak about their platforms of government.

The recommendees receiving the highest number of votes shall become the official candidates of the people's choice and will be bound by a covenant to implement the reform agenda of the movement including poverty alleviation, job creation and good governance.

Bishop Reuben Abante of the Bible Baptist Church said this is the first time that Catholics, Protestants and Evangelicals have united to push for a God-centered, competent, servant leadership that will push for inclusive growth and equal opportunities for all.

For his part, Catholic priest Fr. Francis Lucas said the Catholic Church will not be endorsing candidates but is supportive of the Gabay Kristo sa pagpili ng mga kandidato o lider. He said that it will be up to the individual members of the flock to support their candidates.

The main speaker of the launching of the event was former Chief Justice Reynato Puno who said that the stake in the 2016 elections is at its highest since it concerns the future of our country and its people.

He said it is time for the Filipino people to reject dynasties, graft and corruption, vote buying, popularity without substance, and greed.