Challenge ahead: Duterte faces learning curve, checks and balances


Challenge ahead: Duterte faces learning curve, checks and balances 1
President-elect Rodrigo Duterte answers questions during his press conference at the "Malacanang of the South" in Davao City on Thursday evening (June 2, 2016). ABSCBN News

MANILA - The dean of the San Beda Graduate School of Law on Friday said he wants incoming President Rodrigo Duterte to have peace in his heart as he faces the challenge of becoming the country's 16th president.

Speaking to radio DZMM, Fr. Ranhilio Aquino said Duterte faces a learning curve as he becomes the first local executive to be elected Chief Executive.

"Mayor Digong was a very successful local executive dahil sa style niya na direct. He tells exactly yung iniisip niya and then he gets things done by issuing direct orders. Ang kailangan ngayon, to make a transition from a local leader to a national leader," he said.

"He was a very successful local executive but there is much to learn to become Chief Executive."

One challenge facing Duterte, Aquino said, is getting used to a system of checks and balances. He pointed out that at the local level, Duterte could issue an order and it would be implemented quickly.

"You have to get used to a system where there are checks and balances. Yung desisyon mo, dadaan sa Kongreso at di lahat kaibigan," he said. He also pointed out that some decisions of previous presidents have been questioned before the Supreme Court.

Aquino said he expects Duterte, a lawyer, to quickly learn the ropes of the presidency.

He also said Duterte has to learn to temper his language since "it is no longer Davao listening but the entire country."

Duterte earlier said that he will tone down on his cursing once he takes his oath of office.

No more cursing when I'm president - Duterte

The law dean said he is praying that Duterte will have peace in his heart to lead and listen to others. "Mahirap yung magihg lider when there is so much dislike and hatred in your heart," he said.

He also praised Duterte for his good choices for the Cabinet. "He is also telling us the best and brightest are not necessarily from Manila."

Duterte won the presidency with his pro-federalism and anti-crime campaign, backed by his track record in leading Davao City for more than 20 years.

He will also hold many firsts: first president from Mindanao, first to jump from city mayor to president, first self-proclaimed socialist to win, and first septuagenarian (he's 71) chief executive.