Poe tops 'servant leader' survey; Binay last


It's not an endorsement, just a guide to voters, says CBCP official 

MANILA - Which of the five presidential candidates has the qualities of a servant leader? 

According to a survey by Catholic-run Radio Veritas 846, independent presidential candidate Sen. Grace Poe would top the list. 

In a press statement, Veritas said Poe topped 9 out of the 10 qualities needed for a servant leader including: 

  • listening, 
  • empathy, 
  • healing, 
  • awareness, 
  • persuasion, 
  • conceptualization, 
  • foresight, 
  • stewardship, 
  • commitment to the growth of the people, and 
  • building community.

Poe got an over-all score of 59% from 1, 200 respondents surveyed by the research department of Radio Veritas headed by Dr. Clifford Sorita. The survey, which was conducted in urban and rural areas nationwide, has a margin of error of +/- 3 percent. 

Second on the list is Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago of the People's Reform Party, who consistently ranked 2nd in half of the given traits and had an over-all percentage of 51%.

PDP-Laban presidential bet Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Liberal Party standard bearer Manuel Roxas II were tied for third spot with 44%. 

Vice President Jejomar Binay ranked last in half of the given traits, obtaining an over-all percentage of 41% of the respondents.

The candidates' over-all percentage scores were obtained from the average of their ratings in each of the 10 listed traits. For each trait, respondents were asked to pick who among the candidates possesses the trait. Respondents were not limited to picking only one candidate.

Poe tops 'servant leader' survey; Binay last 1
Sen. Grace Poe answers questions during ANC's Meet your President forum Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News


Three out of 4 or 76.5 percent of respondents picked Poe as their top choice for the leadership quality of listening. Roxas was the second choice with 54.3 percent followed by Santiago with 53.9 percent. Binay obtained 50.5 percent while Duterte got the nod of 44.65% of the respondents.

A big majority of the respondents (70.8%) said Poe is the most empathetic among the presidential candidates. Binay took second place with 52.5 percent followed by Duterte with 46.5 percent. Roxas received 45 percent and 40.9 percent of the respondents believed Santiago has empathy.

On the third quality of a servant leader, healing, 51.1 percent of respondents favored Poe followed by Santiago with 36 percent.

Roxas came in third place with 30.3 percent, while Duterte and Binay obtained 29.2 percent and 24.5 percent, respectively.

Three out of four respondents or 75.1 percent of respondents said Santiago has the servant leadership quality of awareness. She was followed by Binay with 65 percent. Roxas came in third place with 61.7 percent, while Duterte obtained 56.1 percent. Poe came in last with only 48.7 percent.

Majority of the respondents or 56.4 percent said Poe has the fifth quality of a servant leader, which is persuasion. She was followed by Santiago with 55.3 percent, Duterte with 42.6 percent, Roxas with 39.1 percent and Binay with 33.7 percent.

Poe also topped the rankings for the qualities of conceptualization (58.5%), foresight (56.9%), stewardship (65.3%), commitment to the growth of the people (53.5%), and building community (52.8%).

When all scores given to each candidate per servant leadership trait were averaged, the survey showed that the respondents viewed the candidates to have these qualities: awareness (61%); listening (56%); conceptualization (53%); empathy (51%) and foresight (50%). Getting less than 50 percent of the average percentage, respondents thought that candidates have lack of persuasion (45%); stewardship (45%); commitment to growth (43%); building community (41%) and healing (34%).

The qualities are adapted from the servant-leadership theoretical framework first proposed by Robert K. Greenleaf, founder of the modern Servant leadership movement and the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. 


The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), meanwhile, clarified that it is not endorsing any candidate in the May 9 elections.

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, chairman of the CBCP - Episcopal Commission on the Laity, said they just want to help the Filipino people in choosing the country's future leader.

"Sa atin naman, ano bang katangian nila as servant leader? So isang aspekto ito na hinihiling namin sa mga tao na isaalang-alang kapag sila ay bumoto... Ito yung kontribusyon ng Radio Veritas na matulungan yung mga tao sa wise decision. Sabi natin One Good Vote, isa lang ang boto mo sana maayos ang maging boto mo at kaya tinutulungan natin ang mga tao na maiayos nila ang boto nila," Pabillo explained.

"So ito ay hindi endorsement ng Simbahan para sa kanila, ngunit ito ay tulong ng Simbahan sa mga tao."

"Gusto kong ipaabot na ito po ay hindi ranking ng Simbahan, ang tinanung ay hindi taong Simbahan, ang tinanung ay hindi mga pari o mga madre, ang tinanong ay mga ordinaryong mga tao ayun sa kanilang perception. Kaya hindi po ito isang survey na isinusulong ng Simbahan na ito ang botohin niyo, ito ay ginawa sa atin ng Veritas upang matulungan ang mga tao na tingnan ito ng mga kandidato sa iba't ibang aspect," he added.