'No martial law' under Duterte, says Cayetano

Trishia Billones, ABS-CBN News

An administration headed by Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte would not instigate martial law, said the mayor's running mate.

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano said on ANC's Headstart on Monday that Duterte's promise of crime suppression within three to six months can and will be done within the provisions of the law.

Their tandem's political will, he said, will be key.

"Peace and order is not like building a road or building a train. If I say I’ll do it in one week—paano naman yun? It takes you two, three years to build these things. Pero ang peace and order, the first and major factor there is political will," he said.

"We show them that crime does not pay in the country. Right now kasi, baligtad—it pays to be in crime."

He also noted that most "syndicated" crimes are in the government, therefore they will also stamp down corruption.

Cayetano said Duterte's critics magnify that many will die under the mayor's watch. He however believes that people will die whoever gets elected as president, but "the people who will die under an administration who does nothing [are the] innocent people."

In Davao, he said, ordinary people do not live in fear; only criminals do.

"Kay Duterte, simple lang: taas mo kamay mo, hindi ka lalaban, huli ka—pero tunay na kulungan, hindi hotel sa Muntinlupa. Pero lumaban ka, patay ka."


The mayor's brusque way of speaking was thought to be a turn-off for business captains, but Cayetano is wooing the sector by promising ease of doing business.

He noted that he and Duterte have accomplished this in Taguig and Davao respectively, and they will institutionalize this through strict delegation and supervision.

"If I tell you: simple processes, 3 days; a little more complicated, two weeks; yung high-tech studies and feasibility, not more than three to six months. Hindi mo kayang gawin? Papalitan kita."

He explained they will fulfill their other promises by selecting experts to be their cabinet secretaries.

"By delegating and by telling people ‘patay kayo sa akin if you don’t perform,’ it produces result," he said.

If elected vice-president, Cayetano said he wants to be Duterte's "Flagship Platform Chief," to ensure their platform comes into fruition.

He said the mayor recognizes his expertise and length of service in the government. As vice-president, his role would not be to anticipate when he will ascend to the top position, but to tow the line and tell the mayor what can and should be done.