Mariel insists she didn't break Comelec rules



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MANILA - Actress and television host Mariel Rodriguez defended herself after sparking criticism from fans for wearing a shirt endorsing a presidential candidate while casting her vote on Monday.

On her Instagram account, the 31-year-old Rodriguez posted a photo showing a list of acts prohibited by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) while voting. In the caption, she explained that she did not violate any of the listed rules.

"Honestly, I really don't think that I did anything unlawful. I have reviewed the reminders of the voting rules," she said. "I did not take photos inside the precinct because the Comelec in charge told me it was not allowed."

"Photo was taken in my personal car and outside the precinct where volunteers took photos with me as well so I thought I didn't disobey any rule," she reasoned.


Rodriguez also said that "no one" saw her ballot, and that she was completely aware of the rule prohibiting anyone from wearing a shirt that states the name of a candidate.

"DU30 is not his [Rodrigo Duterte] name. If I have offended anyone I humbly ask for your forgiveness but it was never my intention to break the rules. Thank you for your understanding," she said.

Meanwhile, in a separate Instagram post, Rodriguez also came to the defense of her husband, action star Rodin Padilla.

A photo taken from Padilla's Instagram account showing his marked "ballot" has been circulating online. Netizens have been asking authorities to uphold the law.


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In her post, Rodriguez said that her husband had posted a sample ballot. She also revealed that Padilla could not have secured an official ballot because he "cannot vote."

"If anyone can prove that Robin Padilla went to a precinct, voted and took photos of his ballot I will help you convict him. I am that sure that Robin didn't do that. Why? Because ROBIN PADILLA CAN NOT VOTE!" she said.

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