WATCH: Willie Nepomuceno impersonates Rodrigo Duterte


In time for the May 9 polls, Willie Nepomuceno will hit the stage once again to make the audience laugh and evaluate their election preference.

Talking with Karen Davila on Headstart as Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, he corrected himself for having once said Davila was 'delicious.' He said she is 'very delicious'.

Asked who his first lady will be if elected into office, he said he'll just have his daughter, Sara, instead of being like Joseph Estrada, who he said had a first lady in MalacaƱang, a second lady in Visayas, and a third lady in Mindanao.

In Davao, fireworks are prohibited during New Year's Eve, and as president, Nepomuceno as Rody will impose the same law in the whole country.

Alluding to the mayor's indecisiveness in proclaiming his presidential run, he said he was only forced by the people's clamor.

"I do not care if I win; I do not care if I lose; pareho lang 'yan. Alam niyo, mas gusto ko pa ngang matalo ako, so wala na akong problema. Pag ako nanalo, kayo ang may problema."

Nepomuceno will be joined by his daughter, Frida, in "Panggulo ng Pilipinas Debate" on April 30 at the Music Museum.

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