Duterte says he won't sleep with Palace 'ghosts'

Joel Guinto, ABS-CBN News

Ghostly sightings of former presidents have been reported in the centuries-old palace by the Pasig River. Malacanang.gov.ph website

DAVAO CITY – Presidential frontrunner Rodrigo Duterte said he would still prefer to be addressed as "mayor" in case he is elected to the highest post in the land, and would rather not sleep with "ghosts" in Malacanang.

The 71-year-old longtime mayor of one of Mindanao's economic centers said he is considering going home to Davao every day.

“Hindi pa ako sanay. Bigyan mo lang ako maski plywood o fiberglass okay lang ako,” he told reporters here.

“Ayoko matulog doon,” he said, referring to the presidential palace. 

"Nandoon lahat ng multo na dumaan sa Pilipinas. Maglalakad sila, magkokomperensiya, eh di sila doon. Tutal, past tense naman tayo. They're still there and sometimes they'll hold a conference, well let them.”

Ghostly sightings of former presidents Manuel Quezon, Manuel Roxas and Ramon Magsaysay have been reported in the centuries-old palace by the Pasig River. 

The structure is also reportedly haunted by ghosts of World War II casualties. 

Duterte said he would prefer a simple inauguration ceremony in Malacanang to avoid disturbing the people's daily routine.

Former presidents Fidel Ramos, Gloria Arroyo and Benigno Aquino took their oath at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila, while Joseph Estrada was sworn in at the Barasoian Church in Bulacan. Arroyo had a second inauguration in Cebu City in recognition of her win in the province.