WATCH: Pinay teen soars in 'X Factor Australia' finals


Posted at Oct 19 2014 09:08 PM | Updated as of Oct 20 2014 05:08 AM

MANILA -- Pinay teenager Marlisa Punzalan proved she deserved to be in the finals of "X Factor Australia," impressing the crowd with her superb performances on Sunday.

Punzalan, 15, is the youngest contestant on the show and is being mentored by singer Ronan Keating.

On the show's final performance night, the finalists performed three songs each -- their audition songs, their winner's single, and duets with Jess Mauboy, Guy Sebastian and Olly Murs.

Punzalan received a standing ovation from the judges for her first song, The Beatles' "Yesterday," which she sang during the auditions.

"What a way to kickoff the 2014 grand final baby, that was incredible. You have just got up yo the peak right there. That was perfect. Congratulations," said one of the judges, Redfoo.

Both Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Dannii Minogue were impressed with how much Punzalan has improved throughout the competition.

"Marlisa, you have been so confident in your choices, and so courageous. Your performance and your vocals have skyrocketed, they've grown throughout this competition. And I love what you said that needed to get your confidence. But you know what? You now inspire so many people watching this show. That's your job now. Well done," Minogue said.

"You have peaked at the right time, honey. You have just blossomed in the last few weeks. You sing, you've always sang so beautifully. Standing up there right now, you did look like a star. Now I'm really nervous," Bassingthwaighte added.

Keating has nothing but praise for his contestant.

"We've got a big show in our hands, we've got incredible performances on the way, from all of the contestants. But I tell you what -- you've picked a great time to get a standing ovation. Wow. You have been such an incredible person throughout this whole journey, and as a mentor, I couldn't have asked for a better contestant," he said.

For her second performance, Punzalan sang "Stand By You," which will be her single if ever she wins the competition.

The judges loved her second performance, giving her another standing ovation.

"I think you got yourself a hit there. You got a hit, little lady. Now all you need to do is win this thing," Redfoo said.

"Great title, great performance. A style queen, as I've said, all throughout the competition, you have absolute style and grace, stuff you can't teach people. I'm sure all your friends, your family, and everyone else that's grown to love you, will be behind you. Well done, that's an absolutely superb performance," Minogue added.

"Marlisa, I keep kind of thinking about the progression which I'm talking about all the time with you, but I think, what you guys have done together is fantastic. But, Dannii did say something to you like probably four or five weeks ago, about making sure that you're connecting to the lyric, and you do that now, every single performance. It's so good to watch someone come from, the first audition to be really shy, and then get to the level that you are. It's just, it's grown. Well done, you guys," Bassingthwaighte said.

"They say good guys, or good girls, finish last. I don't believe that. I hope that's not the way it's gonna be tonight. If this is my last year on the show, I hope I can leave with a worthy winner, you. Well done," Keating said.

Before her last performance, a video of Punzalan's homecoming was shown.

Keating brought Punzalan back to her hometown, where he met with Punzalan's classmates, friends and family.

Before leaving, both Keating and Punzalan participated in a traditional Filipino dance.

Punzalan also get to perform inside a shopping mall.

For the duets, Punzalan sang "Never Be the Same" with Australian R&B and pop singer Jessica Mauboy.

"She's incredible. I've been watching her on the screen, and you just always light up. You have incredible personality, and at the age of 15, wow, you remind me of me when I was in a show, and yeah, definitely, remind me a lot of me," Mauboy told Punzalan.

Mauboy, who won the fourth season of "Australian Idol," gave the young singer an advice.

"You're doing such an incredible job, and make sure you just be you, and sing, sing your heart out. Know that you're always working hard, and reminding yourself why you're actually there. And keep your family close."

After her performance, Punzalan took to Facebook to thank her fans for their support, as well as to remind them to vote for her on the show.

"What an amazing GRAND FINALE!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything!!! Loved every bit of my incredible journey and you are all with me in this. Your support means the world to me, please don't forget to VOTE!! I will never forget all of your unbelievable support even after X Factor!!! You have changed my life forever!!!! God Bless and much Love, Marlisa," she said in her post.