Why Pinoy janitor was featured on Good Morning America


Posted at Sep 17 2014 02:56 PM | Updated as of Sep 17 2014 10:56 PM

MANILA - A Filipino who works as a hospital janitor in Illinois is providing an extra something to employees, patients, and guests: the calming effect of music.

During his break, Rolando Maaba sets aside his janitorial cart and sits down in front of a piano at the main lobby of the Rockford Memorial Hospital in Rockford.

His extra effort of providing a soothing environment with his piano skills caught the attention of ABC News' Good Morning America.

In that interview, the 55-year old Maaba said, "The bottom line is I want to be helping guests who are waiting for their relatives after an emergency or a surgery and they’re worried".

The report also said that the Philippine native moved to Rockford in 1999 but only began working for the hospital in 2013.

A video uploaded on YouTube by the Rockford Health System shows Maaba confidently playing the piano.

But he admitted having no formal piano training. He said he knows where and what keys to hit "but the note, I don't know how to read".

Aside from being dubbed as the hospital's 'Piano Man', Maaba is also known in the workplace as a joker, a man who always has a big smile on his face.

"Even if I have some problems, I'm still smiling because that's part of life," he said. He said smiling makes one look younger even if faced with big problems.

ABC News reported that Maaba's effort paid off as he now gets to play the piano every Wednesday night at a local restaurant.

Maaba said, for as long as he is alive, he hopes to continue sharing his talents.