Filipino twins develop assault rifle

by Yvee Tadeo-Guevara, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at Apr 26 2012 10:12 PM | Updated as of Apr 27 2012 07:30 AM

CALIFORNIA – Law enforcement agencies in the US and other countries are using a new assault rifle designed and created by Filipino siblings Ferdinand and Francis Sy.

Fascination for guns and a dream of once joining the military are what led the twin brothers to the arms industry.

But it was a controversial armed robbery in the Philippines in the 90's wherein robbers outgunned police that made Ferdinand and Francis pursue their passion.

“The mission of Ferfrans way back in 1994 was to really give an edge to the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force. To give them the edge in combat through weaponry,” said Francis.

Born and raised in Cebu, the Sy brothers wanted to come up with a modern firearm that is accurate, easy to use and durable.

Ferfrans SOAR

After four years of rigorous research and development both in the US and the Philippines, Ferdinand and Francis launched their very own weapon, derived from their first names—the Ferfrans Special Operations Assault Rifle or the Ferfrans SOAR.

“The heart of the weapon really is the rate reduction system. What it does is it reduces the rate of fire, full auto fire to about 550 to 600 rounds per minute. A regular M4 will fire around 900 to a thousand rounds per minute,” said Ferdinand.

“The rifle in full auto, it tends to climb up on you. With the rate reduction system in junction with the muzzle break, what it does is you have a better control of the weapon because it controls the muzzle rise and at the same it slows down the full auto fire, so now you can control it and point the weapon on fire at exactly the same place even in full auto fire. It will not climb up on you. So it's the combination of the rate reduction system and the muzzle break,” he added.

Ferdinand said their rate reduction system patented to Ferfrans also controls the heat and wear and tear of the weapon, making it more durable and reliable, giving the user a higher chance of survival.

SWAT rifle

With its unique features, Ferfrans SOAR not only achieved the needs of Philippine National Police and the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Malaysia, Indonesia, and Peru have already ordered the rifle that is now used by the several Special Weapons and Tactics or SWAT teams in the US as well as the Chief Protection Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Ferfrans SOAR is also currently being tested by the United States Army.

Through the years, Ferfrans has developed other models of firearms that are mission specific.

But more than just the weaponry, Ferfrans offers a complete program called STEPS, which is Service, Training, Equipment, Product, and Support.

Ferfrans products are all made in the US. They also now have a service center in Cebu to support their Asian clientele.

For Ferdinand and Francis, they say for as long as there is threat to peace and security and a need to save the lives of the innocent, Ferfrans will continue to design and develop their special weapons and equipment for as long as they can.