'Spoon-and-fork boy' wins $17K in damages in Canada

By Marlou Tiro, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at Apr 23 2010 11:52 AM | Updated as of Apr 24 2010 08:43 PM

TORONTO, Canada - After four years, a Filipino Canadian family is tasting justice in what has been known as the fork-and-spoon story in Quebec.

The Quebec Human Rights Tribunal ordered the school to pay the Cagadoc family $17,000 in moral and punitive damages.

The Tribunal said the principal was partly to blame for not implementing a policy on intercultural education.

Back in 2006, 7-year old Luc Cagadoc was reprimanded by his school’s staff several times for eating with a spoon and fork. They reportedly told the boy he ate “like a pig” and should eat his food like other Canadians. (Related story: Filipino boy's discrimination case ruled out by rights commission)

The Tribunal originally dismissed the complaint as an isolated incident and was not discriminatory, but the family fought the decision and asked for a reevaluation. The family sought the help of the Center for Research Action on Race Relations or CRARR.

CRARR argued that the incident led to Luc becoming anti social. He also lost his appetite and did poorly in school.

According to the mother, Maria Theresa Gallardo Cagadoc, Luc is very pleased that his family won the case. Gallardo also said the case was an uphill battle, and is very happy that justice was served. Balitang America