LOOK: Cloudy with ice balls in Texas


Posted at Apr 14 2016 11:36 PM

All "hail" broke loose in San Antonio and Bexar County in Texas, so to speak, after a severe thunderstorm rained golf-ball-sized ice last Tuesday night.

Tomas "Buddy" Gomez III, a columnist for news.abs-cbn.com who now lives in Texas, said it was the first hail storm of such magnitude they had experienced in northwest San Antonio.

Gomez said the thunder and lightning persisted for about 10 minutes, followed by "ice balls."

"Thunder and lightning and for about ten minutes, frozen solid rain--ice balls--fell in our area, hailstones about the size smaller than a golf ball but bigger in other areas, parang umulan ng bato," he said.

"I have just surveyed our front yard…it is a mess with branches and leaves and lots of Spanish moss/rubbish strewn all over. The tops of all the cars, puros bukol and dents.

"Three glass window panes broken...Our three cars in the drive way, wasak ang mga windshields! I am sure we also have roof damage," he added. "I am glad it’s all over!

The hail that fell in their area were smaller than a golf ball but other areas had it bigger.

In a report by the www.mysanantonio.com, the hail--the largest measuring 3.5 inches in diameter--broke windows, car windshields and damaged roofs.