'Mama Sita' new recipe book presented in London

By Jomel Anthony Gutierrez, ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau

Posted at Apr 14 2011 12:49 PM | Updated as of Apr 14 2011 08:49 PM

LONDON - Chefs, cooking addicts, food enthusiasts and even an ordinary Filipino recognize Mama Sita. It has become a household name in the Philippines. Mama Sita also introduced the extra magic and color to Pinoy foods such as adobo, kare-kare, afritada and other popular Philippine dishes through their well-sought mixes and sauces. 

Kababayans abroad, especially in Europe, who are not only interested on Mama Sita products but also on cooking tips and recipes can now avail its new recipe book. 
New recipe book
The newly published Mama Sita Recipe book was presented recently to the Philippine Embassy in London. Restaurateurs, caterers and franchisers attended the event organized by Philippine Embassy officials headed by the embassy’s Minister and Consul General, Theresa Dizon-de Vega. 
The President of Mama Sita foundation and daughter of the Mama Sita Food Products founder, Mrs. Clara Lapus, personally presented the book to the embassy’s Charges d’Affaires, Reynaldo Catapang. 
Mrs. Lapus shared that the inspiration to producing the new Mama Sita Recipe book comes from their mother’s love for delicious, affordable and easy to cook foods that can be enjoyed by the entire family and friends.
“My mother wants every family member and friends to eat delicious food that are cheap, easy to cook but palatable,” she said. 
Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes was the founder of Mama Sita food products. 
According to Mrs. Lapus, this new Mama Sita recipe book is far different from other cook books. 
“Not only recipes written on the book but also special cooking tips like how to buy fresh bangus, tips that are not in other cookbooks. There are also pictures of the step-by-step cooking procedures of different recipes,” she said.
Copies of the recipe book are not yet available in Europe but she is hoping that Filipino shops in Europe will also sell the recipe book in their stores. 
Introducing Mama Sita abroad
The President of Mama Sita foundation and her family have been touring Europe to encourage potential importers in introducing their products to foreign consumers. The company is aiming to penetrate the international market. 
Mrs. Lapus explained the reason behind this plan. “It seems that in our home country, only few have purchasing power. So we have to go outside to find more people who can buy,” she said.
In the United Kingdom, Pinoy restaurateurs like Catalina Malata who owns Lutong Pinoy here in London, has endorsed the trusted high quality of Mama Sita food products. 
“Mama Sita food products are proven delicious even in the Philippines that is why we also brought them here so that our kababayan can taste real Filipino home cooked meals even if they live abroad,” she said.
Many Filipino grocery shops in the UK sell Mama Sita food products that are highly patronized by Filipinos.
Mama Sita’s sweet success, advocacy
It is not unknown to many that Mama Sita has gone a long way from a mere cottage industry in 1980 to a big company now under the banner of Marigold Manufacturing Corporation. 
The constant utilization and production of natural ingredients of Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes was behind the success of this company that has produced popular sauces and mixes for the Filipino consumers.
“My mother always wanted natural ingredients. Every time she met someone, she always asked them to plant atsuete and promised to buy them after. She always wanted natural sampaloc, guava so that the taste of the food is really natural. That’s the secret!” she said. 
Because of their mother’s relentless pursuit of encouraging people to produce natural ingredients, the present generation of Mama Sita’s family now advocates people to also go into farming.
“The problem today is that only few people are into farming. We are appealing to our kababayan here in Europe, if you have even small savings, you should also try farming. Plant ingredients such as garlic, onions, tomatoes, sampaloc,” she said. 
When asked what makes Mama Sita different from other food products, she attributed its uniqueness to their mother’s passion in life.
“The spirit of Mama Sita is what our mother was passionate about. It was her passion for tasty, affordable and easy to cook food with natural ingredients that our family and company continue to uphold,” she said.