Pinoy cosplayers dress to impress at Canada Fan Expo

By Rowena Papasin, ABS-CBN North America News Bureau

Posted at Apr 09 2015 10:45 AM | Updated as of Apr 09 2015 06:53 PM

CANADA - Filipino cosplayers joined about 25,000 Canadians who dressed up in their favorite superhero, sci-fi and anime characters to join the big party at Fan Expo Vancouver.

Actors from geekdom’s favorite shows headlined the event.

From Star Wars’ Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher, Doctor Who’s Captain Jack Harkness and Arrow’s Malcolm Merlyn, both played by John Barrowman, Once Upon A Time’s Emma Swan, Jennifer Morrison, and the Walking Dead’s Lori, Tyreese and Hershel.

"The Filipino fans have been amazing for us. I remember when we premiered in the Philippines, Season 1, they told us that we had a thousand times more viewers than the year before time slot, so we all like, set up a cheer for the Philippines. We’re like 'Yay, they’re taking care of us, they love us'," said Walking Dead actress Sarah Wayne Callies.

"Life is good, you know. I enjoyed working on the show and I'm happy that you are fans of the show," said Walking Dead actor Scott Wilson.

But actors can also be fans, and when it comes to boxing. Millennium actor Lance Henriksen said he is rooting for Pinoy boxing champ Manny Pacquiao over Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"It’s gonna be a good one, ‘cause Manny will not let him get away. You know what I mean? He keeps playing with his shoulders, Manny will hit him," said Henriksen.

Meanwhile, Pinoy cosplayers were game to dress-up.

"Fan Expo is an amazing event. People should try it at least once," said John Cedric.

But not all Filipinos came in costume.

Kevin Briones, a graphic artist from Toronto, came as an exhibitor and his work was well received.

"A lot of my pieces are, you know, inspired by cartoons from the 80s, from the 90s, and it’s what I grew up on and it’s what inspired me so it’s only fitting that I actually draw them now," Briones said.

The Fan Expo was like a huge party with something for young and old alike.

Apart from fans getting a chance to see their geek heroes, it was also an opportunity for actors to thank their fans.

"Everybody in the Philippines, from Fan Expo in Vancouver, totally awesome, thank you for all your support," said Barrowman.

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