Fil-Am activists call for PNoy's resignation

by Rommel Conclara, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

Posted at Feb 26 2015 10:10 AM | Updated as of Feb 26 2015 06:10 PM

SAN FRANCISCO – Filipino American activists took to the streets of downtown San Francisco on Tuesday, commemorating the 29th anniversary of the EDSA revolution by demanding the resignation of President Benigno Aquino III.

They took their flags and chants all the way to the San Francisco Philippine Consulate.

They say the spirit of the People Power Revolution is still alive in them today and that they are fed up with the Aquino government’s failures, citing the Visiting Forces Agreement which they say led to the death of transgender Pinay Jennifer Laude, and the recent Mamasapano clash.

“Filipinos in the U.S. also stand to continue the revolutionary spirit of People Power I,” Bayan-USA Sec. General Jessica Aquino said. “We also recognize, as migrants and children of migrants, the impact of the failure the Aquino regime to protect migrant workers as well as to protect Filipinos within the Philippines.”

They say that only through a transitional council of those who demand Aquino’s resignation will there be a promising future of the Philippines.

“We’ve already seen so many People Power I, People Power II and we really want to see a true genuine systematic change and true Philippine independence from U.S. imperialism,” the Bayan-USA official said.

Some of these activists believe that President Aquino is doing a disservice to the legacy of his late father Sen. Ninoy Aquino.

“I think Noynoy should heed his father’s advice in that he should try to live with honor, live up to the Filipino people, have a clear conscience, be accountable to what is happening to the Philippines, be accountable to the Filipino people, and face them,” Gabriella SF Co-Chair Pia Cortez said.

These activists plan to hold more community forums in order to educate other kababayans and people in their communities about the recent events in the Philippines such as the Mamasapano clash.

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